Lo Masos (classyclvr) wrote in cappies_unite,
Lo Masos


My name is Laura Mays and I'm a Washington DC Cappies alumn.

I started being involved in Cappies in my junior year of high school when we did Kiss Me, Kate in 2002
(we won best set and I won best actress in a musical)

Then our high school didn't do a show my senior year. boo.

I also was a critic my junior and senior year. (I only got published for shows I didn't like. go fig)

Then I was invited to participate in Cappies National Theater '03. totally fun.

Then I went off to college at University of North Texas.
At the same time, my mom got really really involved in Cappies (Andy Mays)

Cappies has officially infected my life.
in a good way.

Although I graduated in '03, I still apreciate so much what Cappies does for high school students.
Keep it alive, y'all :o)
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