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Cappies Unite!

Critics and Awards Program

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Celebrating High School Theatre
Because We Rock

This is a place for Cappies critics to come and talk about shows they've seen, gripe about finding a dress to the Gala, announce nominations and awards, and everything else related to the Cappies program. Try to stay on topic, even though some off-topic posting is okay.

when you first join, tell a little about yourself, i.e. what region you're from, what your cappies show is/was, when your gala is, etc.

Note: This community is not affiliated with the National Cappies USA program. It is simply a place for people involved and interested in Cappies to post their thoughts and announcements related to Cappies.

So don't take it too seriously. Yes, Cappies is hard work and High School Theatre is really important, but in the end, the point of it is to have loads of fun. So go with that, and reflect that great time here.