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Dear SFC Cappies...

Dear SFC Cappies,

I would like to let you all know that
(a) I do not have an editor at a major New York publishing house, although sometimes I wish I did and
(b) I do not have a code word that I place in all of my reviews so that the mentors know to pick mine. Boys and girls, that would be cheating. Cheating is wrong. These are the lamest "Sarah is a cheater" rumors I've heard to date.

This is my third year being a Cappies critic, so I'd like to think that I know how to write a review by now. You don't need to cheat to get published- you just need to write well.

So to whoever started these very, very funny rumors, thanks for making my day (I needed a laugh) and please get some new material- better yet, don't. Cappies has enough drama to last a lifetime, and you don't need to be jealous and start rumors.

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I'm NCA, but I just wanted you to know that your icon is amazing. :D
Haha, thank you.
Oh, how lovely.

I've heard the rumors, but they've never been quite that stupid. The most I've heard is "her mom writes her reviews for her."

...which is also mean. But still.
I haven't heard those yet, but I've been asked if my mom and I write them together. Does my mom write my TeenTime articles? How about my English papers? Let's go all the way and say that she took my AP Euro exam for me too. I understand jealousy, but this is so unnecessary.

When I find out who's been starting the rumors, I'm going to drive myself to their house and dance around in their front yard with copies of every review of mine that's ever been published and my trophies.
I personally think ... everyone needs to get over themselves... this is my first year in Cappies... and I heard about the drama... and assuming it is all true .... then what the fuck is the fun in being in this organization that is suppposed to recognize the good in High School Theatre.